MINERAL YELLOW is natural agent for increasing plant resistance against diseases and environmental stresses.

Spraying all types of plants with 4 % solution (approx. 40 ml/1 l of water or 4 dl/10 l of water), from 2 to 3 times with an interval of 14 days. We start 14 days after emergence of plants from seeds or 7 days after seedling transplantation.

WARNING: Use of MINERAL RED and MINERAL YELLOW must be at least 48 hours apart.

Significantly increased resistance against diseases and environmental stresses that occur later and to a lesser degree, which facilitates their repression. Distinctively intensified blooming, almost 100 % fertilisation, uniformity of crops, higher quality, increased transport and storage capacity due to the increased durability of crops.

Foliar application of nutrients, activity in all above ground parts of plants. It penetrates the plant within 30 minutes through epidermis of leaves and other above ground parts. It accelerates production of waxes and cellulose, it thickens cell walls etc. thus, preventing early infections with diseases and limiting their spreading.