MINERAL YELLOW increases plants natural resistance against diseases and environmental stress. It reduces the chance of infection and makes treament easier and more efficient, should an infection occur. It also increases physiological processes like photosynthesis, provides more intensive flowering and increases the rate of flower fertilization, resulting in a higher amount and quality of crop.

Form: liquid concentrate

Packaging: 1L, 3L, 20L container

Use: spraying with a 4% solution

Availiability: This product is freely available for sale and does not require a certification card for the handling of pesticides. This product is allowed for use in organic and ecological farming.

MINERAL YELLOW is a 100% natural product for strengthening all types of plants. It can be used for annuals, perennials and house plants.

MINERAL YELLOW increases plants natural resistance against disease and pests. It contains plant extracts of natural origin and form, which strengthen plants natural defense mechanisms like waxy coating and thickness of leaf epidermis.

Due to increased resistance, diseases appear rarely. if infections do occur, they occur  later and to a lesser extent and are therefore easier to control. Treating disease in such cases is easy, and can normally be done with using natural products like MINERAL YELLOW FORTE. If the use of synthetic pesticide is needed, a smaller dose will suffice.

It greatly reduces abiotic stress like heat, drought, frost, high moisture, wind etc. Plants have an easier time overcoming stressful conditions and successfully regrow themselves after stress damage.

Due to its high content in nutrients, it works as a light foilar fertilizer. The plant can absorb these nurtients through the leaf epidermis and use them directly on the spot, where they are needed. Optimal plant nutrition is neccessary for intensive photosynthesis, which causes leaves to turn darker green. MINERAL YELLOW also increases blooming, the size and color of flowers and therefore the rate of flower fertilization.

MINERAL YELLOW increases the quality of crop, crop storage ability and freshness.

Use: MINERAL YELLOW is used for spraying. Spray with a 4% solution. To prepare solution, mix around 40 ml of product in to 1 L of water, or 4 dcl in to 10 L of water.

Prepared solution can be saved for later use in a tightly sealed container. The container must be protected from direct sunlight and stored at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C.

Spray all plant types 2-3 times during intensive growth.

For more information on how to use this product, click the link to our collection of programs of use for specific plant types.

WARNING: Do not use MINERAL YELLOW and MINERAL RED together. Atleast 48 hours must pass between their use. Otherwise tissue damage can occur due to extensive amount of nurtients on leaf epidermis.

MINERAL YELLOW can be used indoors, as it is not harmful to humans, pets and other organisms.