MINERAL BLUE is natural agent for growth and development of plants.

Watering all types of plants with 4 % solution (approx. 40 ml/1 l of water or 4 dl/10 l of water), from 2 to 3 times with an interval of 14 days in the period of intensive growth: first time 14 days after emergence of plants from seeds or from 7 to 10 days after seedling transplantation. We previously water dry soil with pure water, then with the solution of MINERAL BLUE agent.

Faster growth and optimum development of above ground parts (stems, shoots, leaves, blossoms, fruits).

Throughout the plant. In 30 minutes, it penetrates through roots and spreads with juices to the upper part of the plant. With the plant juices, it is distributed along the entire plant, and supplies all cells with the needed nutrients for growth and development.