How to use

This catalogue presents programs designed primarily for small growers, horticulturalists, gardeners and organic farmers.

It does not mean that MINERAL is not suitable for farmers in intensive production. But, intensive production is already regulated with some technological programs of cultivation and the use of MINERAL must be suitably incorporated into them. For such production adequate programs for MINERAL use are prepared individually.

MINERAL BASIC PROGRAM from 2020 onwards-1

Programs described here are only for common guidance. Keep in mind that basis for the successful farming, no matter big or small, is good practice. That means to choose the right plants for the right place, planting in the appropriate soil, proper fertilization without exaggeration, reviewing plants regularly to find out diseases or pests, crop rotation, etc.

MINERAL is a great help to plants to be more healthy and sturdy in their development, but is only a part of your daily care of plants. With the correct use MINERAL will contribute greatly to your efforts to get successful crop.

If you are in doubt how to use MINERAL, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

pdf-logo MINERAL Basic Program

pdf-logo The framework to display the minimum effective use of the MINERAL by days