MINERAL ORANGE is a natural agent based on nutrient-rich plant oils, designed to increase plant resistance to diseases, pests and environmental stress. It is used in the stage of intensive growth and development of the aboveground parts of plants before the first signs of disease, first pests or injury due to environmental impacts occur.


MINERAL ORANGE – no withdrawal period:

  • Purpose: Significantly increased resistance of plants to diseases, pests and environmental stress. Diseases and pests occur later and to a lesser extent, which facilitates oppression. Increases plant vitality, flowering, fertilization and consequently promotes higher quantity and quality of the crop, increases transport and storage capacity.
  • Impact: Foliar addition of nutrients with a functioning in all of the above-ground plant parts. Within 30 minutes of application, it is absorbed through the leaf epidermis and other above-ground parts. Accelerates the formation of waxes, cellulose, thickening cell walls, etc. thus preventing early infection with the disease and limiting its spread. Significantly and effectively limit the initial feeding pests and consequently damage to plants.
  • Usage: For spraying of all types of plants with 4% solution (40 ml for 1 l of solution or 400 ml for 10l  of solution). Spray 2 – 3 x with a 7 day period. First application 14 days after emergence seeds from the soil when the plant develops 2-3 real leaves and/or 7 days after seedlings are transplanted. Perennials in spring in the phase of intense growth. Before use mix the product well, strain  the measured quantity through a sieve and mix in to the water. Stir well. Prepare as much solution as you need for a single spray.


WARNING: The use of MINERAL ORANGE and MINERAL YELLOW FORTE or MINERAL RED FORTE should be at least 48 hours apart.


  • Properties: The concentrate liquid is white in color, emulsion, with a pleasant odor; the solution is a liquid of a pale white color, emulsion, a light pleasant odor.
  • Packaging: The quantity is indicated on the packaging. Concentrate: 1 l, 3 l, 20 l
  • Storage: Keep stored in the origin al container in a dry and dark place, at temperatures between 10 ° C and 25 ° C. Keep away from food, drink, animal feeds and inaccessible to children.
  • Shelf life: The product is consumed within three years from the date of production. Production date is printed on the packaging of the product.
  • Packaging management: Wash and dispose of packaging as municipal waste.


Production:  AS AN d.o.o., Celovška cesta 69 c, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija