MINERAL YELLOW FORTE is a natural agent for increasing plant resistance against diseases and environmental stresses.

Spraying all types of plants with 8 % solution (approx. 80 ml/1 l of water), at least 2 to 3 times each other dayWe begin at occurrence of first signs of diseases or damages due to environmental impacts.

WARNING: Use of MINERAL RED FORTE and MINERAL YELLOW FORTE must be at least 48 hours apart.

MINERAL YELLOW FORTE increases plants natural resistance to diseases and environmental stress. It strengthens the plant, reduces the spread and development of disease and helps the plant regrow after disease or stress damage.

Form: liquid concentrate or prepared solution in spray bottle

Packaging: concentrate (0,5L, 3L, 20L), spray bottle (0,5L)

Use: spraying with a 8% solution

Avaliability: This product is freely available for sale and does not require a certification card for the handling of pesticides. This product is allowed for use in organic and ecological farming.

MINERAL YELLOW FORTE is a 100% natural product for spraying all types of plants. It is used on annuals, perennials and house plants.

MINERAL YELLOW FORTE is a plant strengthening product, which increases plants natural resistance against diseases and environmental stress. It contains natural plant extracts and minerals, that strengthen the resistance of plants and limit the spread and development of diseases. It should be used immediately after first signs of disease or stress occur. It also works as a mild foliar fertilizer.

It is highly recommended for use after hailstorms, as it helps the plant regrow tissue and protects it from disease.

MINERAL YELLOW FORTE is intended for strengthening plants in the fight against a disease infection or abiotic stress, to the point where the plants can defend themselves and beat the infection. Depending on the health state of the plant (nutrition, environment, stress) in most cases this will suffice. If a disease infection is too strong, use of pesticides is recommended for market growers. Usually, the amount of presticide needed can be reduced my 50% if plants have been sprayed with MINERAL YELLOW FORTE.

Use: MINERAL YELLOW FORTE is used for spraying. Spray with a 8% solution. To prepare solution, mix around 80 ml of product in to 1 L of water, or 8 dcl in to 10 L of water.

Prepared solution can be saved for later use in a tightly sealed container. The container must be protected from direct sunlight and stored at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C.

Spray infected or damaged plants 3 times. 48 hours must pass between sprayings. Observe the plant for a week, if disease continues to spread, or damage from stress has not stopped, apply the same treatment again.

WARNING: Do not use MINERAL YELLOW FORTE and MINERAL RED FORTE together. Atleast 48 hours must pass between their use. Otherwise tissue damage may occur due to extensive amount of nurtients on leaf epidermis.

For more information on how to use this product, click the link to our collection of programs of use for specific plant types.

MINERAL YELLOW FORTE can be used indoors, as it is not harmful to humans, pets and other organisms.

How it works

It works in all above ground parts of plants. It penetrates the plant within 30 minutes through epidermis of leaves and other above ground parts. Several repetitions in a shorter period limit development of diseases and damages due to the adverse environmental impacts (especially in gardens located near houses and in organic production).