MINERAL GREEN is natural plant-strengthening agent

Watering all types of plants with 4 % solution (approx. 40 ml/1 l of water) once after seed sowing and after each seedling transplant. We previously water dry soil with pure water, then with the solution of MINERAL GREEN agent.

MINERAL GREEN increases the growth and development of the root system. It strengthens the plant and increases its natural resistance against stressful environment (wind, drought, frost, storm,…). It also drastically reduces transplant shock.

Form: liquid concentrate

Packaging: 1L, 3L , 20L containers

Use: watering with a 4% solution

MINERAL GREEN is a 100% natural product for strengthening all plant types. It is used for watering  perennials, annuals and house plants.

It is used as a complementary nutrient – addition to basic fertilizing. Its main advantage is the content of over 70 different elements, present in their natural form. 2/3 of them are so called trace elements, which are needed by plants in a very small amount, but are crucial to some physiological processes. If they are not present in the time of need, plants development will stagger, which will cause them to be less resistant to abiotic stress, diseases and pests.

MINERAL GREEN with its unique content deeply affects the growth and development of the root system. It greatly affects the growth of tiny rootlets, which absorb water and minerals. Plants with a well developed root system can absorb water with minerals faster, easier and more efficiently.

It also strengthens the aerial parts of the plant: leaves, shoots, stem, flowers and fruit. It increases the physiologcal functions in all parts of the plant which increases the ability to form defensive mechanisms like waxy coating and thicker leaf epidermis.

Due to stronger root system, plants also requite less watering, which results in a lower amount water needed for watering.

USE: MINERAL GREEN is used for watering soil directly under and around plants. Water with a 4% solution. To prepare solution, mix around 40 ml of product in to 1 L of water, or 4 dcl in to 10 L of water.

Prepared solution can be saved for later use in a tightly sealed container. The container must be protected from direct sunlight and stored at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C.

Water all plants after sowing or transplanting, perennials at the start of growth season.

For more information on how to use this product, click the link to our collection of programs of use for specific plant types.